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Photography is my livelihood and I am only seeking paid work.
I am a beauty photographer first and foremost. But I shoot everything from social, industrial, architectural, and medical to fashion, glamour, artistic vintage, fetish and erotic for broad print, web and advertising use.

My pinup inspiration comes from masters like famous pinup painter Gil Elvgren and nylons and heels fetish photographer Elmer Batters.

This Blog is my photographer portfolio and an extension to my model mayhem page:


Rates available upon request.

Product photography rate is billed by item quantity. Call to discuss. I can shoot them at your location or mine if they can be shipped. Small items can be picked up for additional fee. Catalog shoot design and printing work is also available.

Travel Expenses are collected in the amount incurred.

Post production brushing and cleanups touch ups billed @$50/h and may be sent to third parties and billed customer at incurred rates. Rush jobs are billed at double of my regular rates.

For TFCD work I require exceptional beauty some wardrobe and artistic nudity. Shoots are limited to 2 hours and 3 looks. MUA HAIR ARTIST extra as well as post editing work and brushing. You must host or provide a shoot location.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Varton News: MBW replaces TFP

Although I try avoid Trade for x as much as possible with models I will never say no to MUAS and wardrobe artists, stylists, who do highly conceptual, print/publishing work like in designer or new genres/style. Contact me if your work is drop dead gorgeous, phenomenal, jaw dropping, life changing, soul inspiring. But if you are a model who want portfolio work I charge for it. I also have the MBW (Mutually Beneficial Work) deal for you that replaces TFP. Mutually beneficial means you agree that I can sell our shoot as I see fit and compensate you for your time with photos that you need for your own portfolio promotions or publication use. MBW requires minimum 5 wardrobe changes and all day availability 9am-5pm week days and artistic nudity. Note: I don't hire traveling models, or models that don't shoot nude, or models that have excessive tattoos or models that LOOK older then 30, heavier then 130lbs shorter then 5'5". Daily compensation is negotiated in advance and subject to change with shoot genre and commensurate with model's ability to deliver maximum usable yield per photo set.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Model Entrepreneurs

I can help Models, Entrepreneurs shooting fetish, alternative or erotic pinup or vintage pinup genres who own their own pay sites or models who are trying to sell their photos/videos on clip4sale or similar sites. If you need new quality content to be shot you should contact me: I can help you to establish yourself as a well sought brand by providing you highest quality and diverse content carefully planned, styled and composed for your specific niche market segments and offer you new ideas that would put you ahead of the competition. I am results oriented over 20 years as a content provider and my rates are a bargain compared to what you have wasted so far in time and effort plus expenses for producing low contrast grainy cheap looking stuff with the consumer equipment that your boyfriend has. Such substandard content is already available for free in abundance on U-tube or accessible via Google searches. My work only looks expensive, inquire in to learn the specifics and be happily surprised! Run a real business today armed with competent help!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Concerns and issues with shooting in lingerie and or nudes.

Often time having a female photographer shooting you is not the solution. Remember your goal. You are posing for a reason. You need all kinds of looks in your port. Your beauty shoot is just another casting for your photographer male or female, unless you are shooting with a pervert or guy with camera. They say that if you work with a female photographer, that would help you feel more comfortable with nudity. So be it but that does not necessarily translate into sexier or more alluring images. In fact I claim that no woman can direct a shoot that can capture sensuality of a woman like a man. Our point of view, even the definition of what is sexy is different.
I can only talk about myself. Before I work with a model I discuss everything. If you want to bring an escort it is fine. Your body for me is like clay, I mold it the way it need to be molded in order to show the best of you. It is as simple as that!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reality Check!

The good advice is always free, so get some since you are here browsing and wondering if I can hire and work with you.

There are out there a lot of models looking for work. There are often more models available then high paying jobs. This is the norm not exception. If you disagree you will learn it the hard way. Just like there are zillions of photographers out there I too, must compete for work. When I put out a casting do not send me your rates, because you will get whatever the market bears or I can afford to pay you. So do not be greedy during this bad economy. Get busy, meet industry professionals and be available and around. If not someone else will get the job, while you will be waiting most of your time for high paying gigs.

I cherry pick my models when I sponsor paid gigs to produce material for resale. When I am hired and I am asked if I can supply models I will always recommend those models who worked with me not for me, meaning that they really cared about successful outcome rather then amount of pay they were getting.

When I hire models, I really do not care what kind of experience they have, how long they have been modeling and what kind of performance/benefit they demonstrated or offered to other photographers/employers. What I care is what they can do for my own production needs. Therefore sending extensive resumes do not impress me a bit. My attitude is; so what. Everybody has experience. Each job is a new experience gained.

I am really a nice guy but not born yesterday either. I will put it to you bluntly: If you are so professional do not party the night before our shoot, don't get drunk and don't go to bed at 3 am and flake me half hour before our shoot the next day by texting some bull, like, you won’t be able to make it because you have puffy eyes, or your grandma died.

I don’t like much to work with divas so if your internet alias has mistress or goddess in its prefix or suffix you better be a real sweetheart inside, because I can't stand the big mouths and show offs and will not be bossed around by arrogant people that act as if us photographers can not do without them. I don't work with drunks or people with substance abuse problems. I shoot stock photo and preference is given to models that can refer my work to other models.